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Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Mental Health Rehabilitation Center in Telangana

Emotional health is as important as the physical health. There are many conditions and diseases which not only prove to be debilitating for our body but also for our mind and thoughts. Accidents, injuries, family mishaps, and serious illnesses like cancer, stroke, and others affect our emotional wellbeing and cognitive abilities. Long duration of psychological impairments can result in poor personal and social growth and low quality of life. The distress is not only felt by the respective individual but also by the entire family who are bonded together.

At Dr. Bharathi Rao’s, we bring experienced psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, and therapists who help restore psychological wellness through their trusted treatment and therapeutic methods also, using the quality medicines in their own Medical Store in Hyderabad.

At Our Psychiatric Rehabilitation, We Offer

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Life transitions
  • Childhood trauma recovery
  • Grief and loss
  • Alcohol and drug dependence

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services in Telangana

At Dr. Bharathi Rao’s, we provide recovery-oriented Rehabilitation services in outpatient, daycare and in-patient settings.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy:
In our Child Development Care Center in Hyderabad gradually the person is trained and to take incremental steps towards a behavior change by learning to think and behave in given situations while controlling the anxiety.

Multidisciplinary Intervention:
A comprehensive psychiatric team comprising of physiotherapists, vocational therapist, skill trainers, psychologists, and others work with shared goals to bring desired results among the patients.

Group Therapy:
It helps validate one’s perception, learn to behave in social groups and develop intermixing skills, comprehension and response.

Social Skills Training:
The candidates are taught social skills that will help them survive in a community independently and with respect.

Recreational Activities:
In Child Development Care in Hyderabad, All the candidates are engaged in activities like dance, music, playing instruments, indoor & outdoor games, art and craft, etc to keep their mind positively engaged and active.

Our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Approach

Mental Health Rehabilitation Centers in Telangana, we proceed by doing a Comprehensive Diagnostic Services and functional assessment of the candidate to reach to a medical psychiatric diagnosis. The main focus remains to identify the impairments and disabilities and develop a personalized plan to cater these areas.

Ignoring the symptoms or waiting for the time to heal psychological conditions can only worsen them. Seek treatment on time and embrace the beauty of life inside out.