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Comprehensive Diagnostic Center

Comprehensive Diagnostic & Pathology Center in Hyderabad

Identifying, diagnosing, and designing a recovery path for rare diseases, emerging disabilities, and a plethora of physical and mental impairments is quite a challenging task. The most critical part is making accurate diagnosis for timely medical and rehabilitation interventions. This is where, Dr. Bharathi Rao’s advanced comprehensive diagnostic center brings the difference by offering all kind of rehabilitation and medical diagnostic services under one umbrella.

We have a crystal defined vision of creating a unified space for rehabilitation testing & diagnostic services coupled with clinical/medical diagnostic services under one roof for greater accessibility and accuracy. Adhering to international standards of service delivery, testing techniques, OPD Medical Services and protocols, we aim to bring paradigm change in healthcare delivery with better facilities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and latest methodologies for precise diagnosis and accurate treatment.

What Sets Us Apart in Comprehensive Diagnostic Clinic?

  • Exceptionally equipped to diagnose rare diseases and emerging disabilities
  • Excellent physicians and staffs dedicated to uncompromising Comprehensive Intervention services
  • Vast spectrum of pathology, radiology, and rehabilitation investigations under one roof
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic tools, medical devices and equipment
  • Seamless quality, accountability, and adherence to medical standards
  • Timely delivery, 24/7 Pharmacy, cost-effective and customer-centric approach
  • Being one-stop destination for all the regular and advanced diagnostic needs, we have tried our best to offer you a hassle-free experience of getting tested and diagnosed at the most affordable cost. However, our quest for excellence has just begun and we have to achieve more in this realm by continuous overhauling of our processes, regular quality checks, and ongoing improvisations.

Comprehensive Medical Diagnostic And Investigations

Neuro Lab:
A well-equipped neurological lab to conduct EEG or EMG under the supervision of specialists for faster and also using  Autism Therapy both provide an accurate reports and an appropriate treatment.

Cardio Lab:
We prevent delay in cardio-related diagnosis with in-premises cardio diagnostic services like ECG, ECHO and others.

Medical Lab:
Access to a huge, fully-equipped medical lab stationed with trained pathologists and phlebotomists to conduct various types of blood investigations.

X-ray, ultrasonography, MRI, and CT scan services performed by qualified radiologists and trained staffs.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Services in Hyderabad

Audiological Services:
Qualified audiologist offers hearing and balance assessment in a dedicated setting equipped with latest tools and devices.

Optometry Services:
Eye examination offered by experienced professional using latest tools to detect eye defects or other conditions concerning the eyes.

Speech Lab/DSM 5:
In our Medical School a Manual assessment and diagnosis of speech disabilities due to mental disorders using various verified techniques for treatment initiation.