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Early Intervention

Early Intervention Center in Hyderabad

There are many high-risk babies who are born with disabilities or developmental delays and others whose limitations are identified later in the life. These children not only lack the basic skills of life, but also fail to attain the standard pace of physical and mental growth. They need special care, attention, and support to catch up with the required skills to maintain the basics of living all these can detailly explained in our Child Development Care Center.

At Dr. Bharathi Rao’s Advanced Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center, we have brought all such services offered by the experts under one roof so that the children and their parents can avail them in a hassle-free manner at highly affordable cost. Our Medical Education whole purpose is to assist the children, help them grow, and experience a better quality of life.

Benefits Of Early Intervention Therapy in Hyderabad


  • Physical activities like rolling on floor, crawling, standing or walking.
  • Cognitive skills like thinking and learning.
  • Communicative skills like listening with attention, understanding, signaling, talking etc.
  • Social and emotional skills like playing in group, feeling sad or happy, understanding others etc.
  • Self-caring skills like eating, going to toilet, dressing, combing hair etc.

Early Intervention Services We Offer

An infant or a child can have developmental delay or disability in more than one area. Such children need a combination of early intervention programs for his/her specific needs. Our Rehabilitation Center offer a comprehensive set of programs to meet the varying needs of all these children under one roof.

Assistive Technology                                                       :    including the equipment and devices a child might need

Audiology Or Hearing Services                                 :     to support, improve, and regularly monitor a child’s hearing capability

Speech And Language Services                               :  offered by experienced therapists to enable communication and language 


Counseling And Training To The Families        :    Counseling and training to the families

Medical Services                                                                 :    to deal with any emergency condition or regular medical needs of the child

Nursing Services                                                                 :    including feeding, cleaning, medicine or IV administration etc.

Nutrition Services                                                              :    in guidance of expert dietician or nutritionist to meet child’s specific dietary needs.

Occupational Therapy                                                   :    to address everyday tasks, needs, or performance of a child to assist daily living.

Physical Therapy                                                                :    with the help of devices and equipment to enhance mobility and functionality 

of the children.

Psychological Services                                                 :     to grown up children for better mental health and to address the developmental 


Play Therapy                                                                          :     that encourages children to stay in group, use their imagination, develop fine 

motor skills and more.