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Post Hospitalization Rehab

Post Hospitalisation Rehab Services in Hyderabad

Long duration hospitalization for surgery, serious illness or any other reason could be a life-changing experience. Physical and mental state of the patient gets a set back and it could take good deal of time and effort to adapt to the changes. At Dr. Bharathi Rao’s, our rehabilitation programs are designed and personalized as per the patient’s unique requirement to help them get back to their pre-hospitalization days and experience convenience and normalcy.

“Taking You Back To Normalcy After Hospitalization Is Our Commitment.”

An infant or a child can have developmental delay or disability in more than one area. Such children need a combination of early intervention programs for his/her specific needs. We offer a comprehensive set of programs to meet the varying needs of all these children under one roof.

Why You Need Post Hospitalisation Rehab Program?

Our Post Hospitalisation Rehab Services in Hyderabad, we guided by experts include one-on-one care as well as group support sessions to help a patient recover physically and mentally.

  • It helps your mind and body cope with the changes and recover faster.
  • It helps reclaim your abilities in a step-by-step manner like walking, going to toilet, dressing up, climbing stairs and so on.
  • Child Development Care Support and guidance to become more independent.
  • To get complete rest, medical and nursing care in the initial days.
  • Group activities and sessions to help you reveal your inner fear and win over them.

How Post Hospitalisation Rehab Services in Hyderabad Will Help You Recover?

Long hospitalizations require your patience, time and effort for getting back to normalcy also Pharmacy services available for your convenient. Here are a few ways this program is going to help you.


  • It helps in pain management and pain reduction in the designated area of surgery.
  • It will facilitate increased range of functionality at the site of surgery or procedure
  • It will strengthen the muscles and raise endurance
  • Gradually, you will glide back to the pre-operative basic life activities

The use of state-of-the art medical devices and equipment facilitate smooth physical activity, Outpatient Department Services
and transition of the patients towards normalcy. Vast spread of greenery further offers a conductive and positive environment for better engagement of the patients in their self-care.

Rest assured that you are not alone in your journey! Our trained staffs and experienced professionals will walk along with you to help you glide through this change with a lot of confidence and convenience. To know more, send us an enquiry