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Best Autism Treatment Center in Hyderabad

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a group of intricate neurodevelopmental disorders which affect a child’s developmental ability affecting the routine functioning. Children with autism need special care in best autism schools and a modified approach to perform day-to-day activities and understand academic concepts to experience a more inclusive social and scholastic environment.

Best Autism Treatment Center in Hyderabad at Dr. Bharathi Rao’s Rehabilitation Center, we believe that everyone is born with inherent strengths, abilities and values and they must live with respect and dignity. That is why, we support and equip autistic people with right choice of personalized programs and rehabilitation services that develop confidence and independence among them while improving their quality of life.

We are powered by a team of healthcare professionals, therapists, physiotherapists, care givers, nursing staffs, special tutors, Medical store services and others to offer a Best Autism Therapy in Hyderabad to the people of every age.

Highlights And Benefits Of Our ASD Rehabilitation Programs

  • Personalized programs based on age, severity of condition, and personal goals
  • Well-equipped setting with specified treatment facility for different disabilities
  • Team of experts, care givers, nurses and others to attend any emergency condition
  • Regular progress monitoring and change in programs based on the changed condition
  • The most affordable cost while offering comprehensive standard services under one roof
  • In Autism, the early you seek help and treatment, the greater is the chances of recovery and alleviation in condition. Do not accept developmental delays as a part of life. Take your first step towards a better, more independent and improved life.

Autism Therapy Services We Offer

we have a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services and there are a number of therapies that can help improve the abilities of the autistic people while reducing their symptoms. The outcomes vary from person to person. 

Occupational Therapy:
It helps with the activities of daily living and focuses on child’s needs and goals making them more independent. It involves developmental activities like grooming oneself, developing coordination, fine motor skills, visual skills, body awareness etc.

Speech Therapy:
It addresses the speech and non-verbal communication issues of the people with ASD. It involves teaching kids taking turn in conversation, using sign language, making eye contacts, try speaking and interact with others with the help of an experienced therapist.

Sensory Integration And Related Therapies:
This is relatively new program introduced to address the core issue of social skills and interaction. Parent involvement is key in this training as they are taught how to use each moment as “teachable moment” for the child making him/her understand relation with different family members.

Play Therapy:
It helps children express their emotions, connect with others, develop emotional skills, language and communication. They can be allowed to play independently or in groups as per the situation and need.

It helps people restore, maintain, and maximize their physical strength, functioning, and motion for overall well-being and overcome their physical limitations and dependence on others.