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Welcome to Dr Bharathi Rao’s Advanced Comprehensive Rehabilitation Centre Training Wing

We are happy to introduce ourself for bachelor and master trainees who are looking for the internship, Dr Bharathi Rao’s Advanced Comprehensive Rehabilitation centre is providing high standards of patient care, clinical care, comprehensive therapeutic services, and quality training to the health care professionals.

This centre provides advanced comprehensive rehabilitation services in an a interdisciplinary approach in the field of Medical rehabilitation, Psychiatric rehabilitation, Drug de-addiction, Early intervention, and Special education, Skill training for the children with neuro developmental, intellectual developmental disorders; with vide range of advanced equipment and facilities in the following departments.

The short-term training is designed to accommodate students into the following department

  • Department of Occupational therapy
  • Department of Physiotherapy
  • Department of Speech and audiology
  • Department of Behaviour therapy
  • Department of Special education
  • Department of Medical rehabilitation
  • Department of Psychiatric rehabilitation
  • Department of Drug de-addiction
  • Department of Early intervention & Cross disability
  • Department of Special education (IDD, LD, CP, & MD)
  • Department of Skill training